How do the steroids work?

How do the steroids work?

admin August 7, 2020

AAS have already become an essential attribute in the lives of professional athletes. Thanks to them, it is possible not only to create a perfect body, but also to multiply strength characteristics. Anabolics are loved by athletes for their many properties. Among which there are even improvements in the emotional aspect. Many athletes are aware of their positive and negative effects. But most do not even think about how anabolic drugs work. The simple, seemingly simple scheme holds more interesting points. The action of steroids on the emotional and physical components includes many different nuances. They are what you should talk about. You should also learn more about what post-course therapy is like at

The effect of steroids on the body

How does a muscle build-up even happen? An athlete comes to the gym, does exercises, doing muscle exercises. This leads to micro-breaks in the muscles, which are restored within 48 hours. With AAS, the healing process is much faster. In addition, the athlete feels the rush of energy and is able to do more loads. And as a result, you can increase your quality muscle mass. Several factors have an impact on all this.

  • Muscles. Due to improved protein synthesis, micro-textures in muscle tissue splice up faster.
  • Muscle mass. Liquids accumulate in the body, which leads to increased muscle volume. In addition, there’s an increase in the number of red blood cells. This allows the muscles to absorb nutrients.
  • Strength. When creatine phosphate synthesis is improved, energy is stored in the cell. During the transition of ATP to ADP, it is released. Thanks to this, the athlete feels the growth in strength.
  • Endurance. AAS makes it possible to accumulate carbohydrates in the cell as a glycogen. This helps an athlete become more resilient.
  • Relief. Endogenous insulin is produced in smaller amounts, causing muscle stiffness. In addition, the topography is affected by the utilization of fat deposits.
  • The phenomenon of kickback. The anti-catabolic property of AAS allows the protein to stay in the body longer.

Steroids and emotions

Most athletes, using different AAS, noted that they have a significantly improved mood. They feel more successful and stronger, and there is no obstacle in their way. It’s hard to disagree that this is a great addition to their external performance. In addition, athletes often have higher libido levels and higher self-esteem. They feel more attractive and confident. This can lead to some self-centeredness, but it’s not scary.

In general, among the positive emotions, athletes also feel additional motivation for training. And thanks to the growth of strength, increased energy, endurance and tone, it is possible to achieve even greater results. However, we should not forget that emotional changes are also possible at the end of the course. Only here they are already negative. Irritability, depression, drop in self-esteem appear. 

All emotional gradients directly depend on the athlete’s hormonal level. He gets more testosterone during the course and feels much better about himself. But at the end of the course, the male hormone level drops to its natural level and produces less. That’s where oppression and self-dissatisfaction come from. However, it is worth remembering that this is temporary and soon everything will get better. In addition, you should learn as much as possible about modern steroids that may be useful to you. For example, you can go to this link at