How to become a good lover?

How to become a good lover?

admin April 12, 2021

How do you become a good lover? This question probably worries those who cannot boast of any sparkling skills in bed. But if you finally found an answer to this question from a close friend, who advised to buy specialized drugs from the site, we still advise you not to rush. Women say that good quality sex is much more than just three-hour long acrobatic bedtime routines.

Porn movies are not a manual

First of all, perhaps, let’s discuss the topic of adult films, which, apparently, have done those who watch them more harm than good. Why? Because many of the things shown in porn have absolutely nothing to do with reality, (and trying to replicate some of them is a real danger). So stop getting all complex about how you can’t do that, and find yourself some other manual. Porn movies are only good for “warming up” before sex.

Take your time

The quality of sex, according to girls, depends on long, sensual foreplay, rather than on the time the penis is in the vagina. Therefore, in this case we should not be in a hurry. And some especially categorical young ladies may not give you a second chance. Hence the conclusion: a good lover – one who knows the main erogenous zones of his partner and skillfully uses this knowledge in practice.

Experiments are welcome

As in many other areas of life, sex should not be allowed routine and monotony. What used to be a good solution, after a while seems to be uninteresting and not exciting at all. Hence the conclusion: a good lover – the one who gives free rein to his imagination, not afraid to experiment in bed, and also encourages this kind of experience from his partner.

Achieve intimacy with your partner

Intimacy intimacy – this, of course, is not the “final point. Achieve trust and intimacy with his girlfriend – that’s really important. And for this, of course, will have to make an effort. The good news is that, as a rule, women are not averse to talk about themselves. So, expressing a genuine interest in everything that matters to your partner, you probably will be able to “talk” to her. What she likes, and what makes her angry, what she dreams about and what she considers her greatest achievement, what her sexual fantasies – find out about her as much as possible. A good lover is the one to whom you can safely entrust your most intimate secrets.

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