How to write articles and books?

How to write articles and books?

admin August 25, 2019

Psychology, business training, massage, marketing, cooking, software development, turnkey apartment renovation … Today, in almost any topic, the competition is high. And to make yourself known as an expert, to stand out among many competitors, it is necessary to strengthen your personal brand.

This will help you publish your own articles and books.
If you are ready to take the first (or next) step to confirm your expertise and attract new customers, start with the articles. Consider one of the possible ways to create an article.

An easy way to write a great article

Many beginners begin to write about what is interesting to themselves, and this is wrong. Of course, you should choose the topic of the article, taking into account your preferences. If you are bothered by the thought of baking cabbage pie – write about apple or stuffed eggs in general. The main thing is that the topic be interesting to readers.
It’s easy to check: drive in keywords in Yandex or Google and see if there are articles on the same or a related topic. No? Do not rush to rejoice! To be the discoverer of the topic (niche) and to prove its relevance to readers is an ungrateful job. So in this case it’s better to choose a different subject
Before starting your article, read the ones that are first issued on your request in a search engine. Agree, it would be a shame after several hours of painstaking work to find that all your bright ideas have already been published by another author.

Analyzing other people’s articles, determine what is missing in them:

Overlooked an important question? For example, it tells about the monetization of a group on Facebook, but not a word about how to create this very group …
The article is addressed to “mere mortals,” and is it written too abstruse? Or, on the contrary, is a difficult technical question that is interesting exclusively to professionals, chewed up like for first graders?
The material is valuable, but along with the enlightenment of the masses, the author is engaged in self-aggrandizement, and does this repel?
Are there actual errors, is any basic law misinterpreted?
The author began for health, and then went into digression and did not return to the main theme?
The list goes on, but I hope the idea is clear. Understand what is missing in already published articles, and give it in your own. At the same time, do not start your own creation with the words “You don’t read Vasya, he is very mistaken!” Or “This work is a refutation of the fundamental error stated by Vasily in his article.”
Write your text, only if necessary referring to someone else’s (for example, if you do not want to consider in detail a question that has already been well described before you).

How not to become a graphomaniac

At the end of the article, ask readers if it’s all clear whether additional explanations or examples are needed. And ask to voice the questions that you will answer next time. So you lay the foundation of a series of materials, starting with the very first article.
And now – perhaps the most important advice to novice authors. The most amazing and mega-useful article on your computer’s hard drive is worse than the average article published on the Internet or in the media. Graphomaniacs are writing on the table. Experts are not afraid to make themselves known and help readers by sharing relevant information with them. So down with fears – publish!

From article to book

Previously, mostly professional writers, scientists and politicians were engaged in writing books. Nowadays, the picture has changed. Almost every expert in any topic (from increasing sales to cross-stitching) is trying to publish his book.
However, many make a mistake – they write text from scratch. And, as a rule, they don’t even get to the middle … Although the solution is right under your nose. Take ready-made articles, modify them, write an introduction and conclusion, decorate the text – and the book is ready. Send the questionnaire (plan prospectus) to the publisher, publish and reap the benefits!