The effect of the computer on potency

The effect of the computer on potency

admin April 12, 2021


Many people have become interested in the influence of the computer on the potency a decade ago. The question is logical, because the constant proximity of gadgets, including PCs and laptops, has become the norm for us today, and we want to believe that they are not dangerous for the male body. If you are looking for specialized drugs to increase potency, you should visit

Let’s protect our health from radiation

Most experts today, unfortunately, claim that the damage from the computer, all the same, there is. And the threat lies in the electromagnetic radiation emitted by each electronic device:

  • microwave oven;
  • telephone;
  • TV.

Of course, the power of radiation in these cases is much less than that emitted by transformers in power plants. Maybe that’s why there are serious measures to protect employees, a clear work schedule is developed. But what is a man to do at home, given the constant, albeit minor, impact of the computer on the body, and the fact that it is almost impossible to work without it today?

The computer’s main emitters are the system unit and the monitor. Given that to give up the computer completely today is simply unrealistic, experts advise to spend no more than 8 hours a day in a computer chair. The more so, the radiation gradually affects other body functions:

  • the eyes become tired;
  • the nervous system is loosened;
  • irritability;
  • loss of concentration;
  • there is a constant strain on the cardiovascular system;
  • there is a deficiency of oxygen;
  • disruption of the endocrine system;
  • decreases potency.

The influence of the wrong position in front of the monitor on the potency

It seems that if everything is more or less clear with the endocrine system and the disruption of the hormones that affect the potency, you should pay attention to the position at the monitor. A long immobile sitting, a stooped position causes blood stagnation in the pelvis, which may result in erection quality dysfunction. In addition, stagnation is the first enemy of libido. That is why the testicles should not be kept warm, and their temperature should be a degree below body temperature. It is in this case, the man retains a normal level of potency and the ability to reproduce active sperm.

Proper standing in front of a computer involves:

  • straight back while working;
  • hands on the table;
  • 60 cm distance to the monitor screen;
  • working hours in front of the computer – maximum 8 hours;
  • short breaks every hour;
  • ventilation of the room.

If the effects are noticeable

If you already feel that problems with potency appeared because of constant sitting in front of a radiating monitor, you can use modern natural drugs to increase potency – for example, Levitra and Viagra. This does not negate the need to lead a proper lifestyle and to be observed by a specialist, but it may well help you to want to be more attentive to your health. You can buy specialized medicines of this type at