The formula for writing the article “5 + 5”

The formula for writing the article “5 + 5”

admin August 24, 2019

At a time when content marketing seems to be the headliner of the entire promotion festival, stories about the tricks of writing articles will always be relevant.

Yes, the statement “How many authors are so many opinions” is true here. At the same time, an opinion that is expressed openly is well, with arguments and clear evidence.
Today I want to share with you one of my authoring models for writing articles, which has been tested for years and hundreds of thousands of printed characters. And I will not teach you exactly WRITING. I’ll just tell you how to clearly and harmoniously systematize in the text everything that fills the head.
This will help you prepare publications faster, express and justify your opinion more clearly, and also facilitate reading and the process of perceiving information.

Intelligent Vinaigrette

Any writing person is aware that when you are in a state of creative trance, and thoughts pour into the text themselves, there is always a need for editing it.
Moreover, the edit should be:

This is due to the fact that the verbal flow is often represented by phrases and conclusions, which are not completely interconnected during the writing process. We can jump from one thought to another, cut off an interesting point of view and inadvertently do other logical nasty things.
And in view of the laziness inherent in each person, we do not like to edit and edit the text at the moment when the last point is put. It’s just that the author often forgets to move to the side of the reader.
This is one of the reasons why, while reading, the text begins to be studied “diagonally” instead of thoughtfully scanning each word.
The logical component of the presentation is your author culture and respect for the reader. And here I say the following:

In order for your future article to impress the “adult” publication from a serious author, I propose, as an experiment, to write using the following formula:
Think of the topic of the article.
Prepare 5 content points in advance.
For each item, make up 5 key points.
Start writing from the part that is currently closer to you.
Make the final edit.
Writing an article using the “5 + 5” formula does not in vain contain 5 points. This is the magic of logical perception.

We are preparing a preliminary plan

When you divide an article into 5 parts, it is more pleasant to read. Firstly, she seems mature, because this is not an article or essay, but an article.
Even if in each part we have 1000 printed characters, the final version of the publication will pull at least 5000 characters. This is already the normal volume for publication.
Moreover, if we better approach the issue of coverage of each item, and turn the base 1000 into 1500 or even 2000, then in the end we will get decent work with an impressive amount.
Will they read it? They will, if you work well and competently on a plan that reflects the most pressing and relevant reading questions.
For the sake of interest, happiness and value, we turn to a popular and familiar topic:
“How to write an informational article in a corporate blog that will lead customers?”
Now I suggest we together prepare a list of several reading questions on this topic:

Now, guided by our inherent author’s experience, let’s highlight the “five” of the most pressing and important issues with which you can prepare an article that will achieve its goal:
How to come up with a marketing headline?
Where to start writing an article to engage a reader client?
How to prove the effectiveness of their solutions compared to other alternatives?
What customer objections need to be dispelled?
How to complete the publication?