We are writing a book: Speed ​​novel and an “endless” story

We are writing a book: Speed ​​novel and an “endless” story

admin August 17, 2019

Writing the first book is always tight. You do not know how to develop an idea and plan a plot. The middle is sagging, and you don’t understand what to write about next. New interesting ideas appear, and I want to put aside the old unfinished story.

Or, on the contrary, finish it as soon as possible, even if anyhow, if only – if only.

As a result, the story becomes:
a speedy draft written in a couple of months, unworked and inept;
The “endless” story that you write, you write, is one year, the second, the third, but it does not end. And it’s good if the author is interested in adding it, no matter what.
What are the pros and cons of these types of stories, and what to do with them – in the process of work and at the end?

Who writes books fast? Features of the “speed” approach

Very quickly, as a rule, they are written by those who have free time, but think little of history, do not work out the details and do not prescribe the so-called “meat” – details of scenes, descriptions. High-speed drafts are mainly based on dialogues and sparingly described action (they got up – ran – ran) without conclusions about what happened and the analysis of the changes in the characters. They are full of “grand pianos”, plot and ideological inconsistencies and events far-fetched.

The advantages of high-speed novels are obvious:

history does not hang on the computer for several years and does not crush its incompleteness, makes it possible to calmly proceed with writing the next one;
the author does not have the “I will never finish” complex, he knows for sure that he will finish it, and goes to his goal, despite the “pianos”, “button accordions” and plot voids;
authors are “prolific” – they quickly gain experience with the word, and their personal creative library is growing rapidly. And it is precisely such writers – capable of creating three or four books a year – that are most in demand by publishers.

However, a high-speed draft is a high-speed draft. And sometimes it takes longer to finalize it than to write it. For then you have to think a lot and for a long time on the text, eliminate the “pianos”, prescribe “meat” and “justify”, ideological and plot conclusions, rewrite, cut out the unnecessary (and figure out where and what is not needed), add …

However! The “Portrait of Dorian Gray” was painted by Wilde in just three weeks, and this is not a tiny story, but a brilliant philosophical work.

Hence the conclusion: a speedy novel can be good if it is thought out properly, if the idea is ripe, if there is a clearly structured plot, the backbone of the main scenes and conclusions on them, an ideological basis, a deep understanding of history. In this case, refinement is required only for scenes (add details to descriptions) and style. And to clarify something on the little things. True, such thoughtful work requires more than one month of preparation …