What do you need to know about dating sites

What do you need to know about dating sites

admin December 22, 2019

Recently, dating sites have become very popular around the world. If you want to find your soul mate, you are likely to be able to do it online. Here you can find men dating and many other categories that might interest you. So if you haven’t used such sites yet, the easiest way to start doing it is now. This way, you will soon be able to find your ideal partner with whom you will enjoy being together. In this article we will talk about who uses dating sites most often, and how safe it is to use such portals.

Who uses dating sites

The average age of men on dating sites is thirty-seven years and women thirty five years. There are usually more men’s profiles. But the more active users are still women. According to statistics, on dating sites there are about a majority of unanswered messages. And most often women do not answer. This is due to the fact that men over the Internet are often looking for just sex without obligation, but women are trying to find their other half. Therefore, ladies prefer to keep silent on obscene male proposals. Women are more active than men, trying to translate communication into reality. However, as in life, they usually believe that the first to get acquainted is a man.

Some visitors to the sites get acquainted only for the purpose of virtual communication, which includes frequent and virtual sex. Usually in the questionnaire such people do not specify a real name, but only a nickname. To communicate with them is pleasant, they are very talkative, but to get them to a real meeting is almost impossible. On the web you also have the opportunity to narrow it down and choose a category of older men dating younger women, if you are currently interested in it.

Meet on dating sites and those who want to have fun. They usually pretend to be of a different sex, social status or age. It’s not easy to figure them out. Very often the truth is only revealed when you meet them. The only possible way to check is to require several photos in different environments. The complete absence of photographs must be a matter of concern. And it is most likely that no self-respecting lady will want to meet with anyone unknown.

Security of virtual dating

On the one hand, virtual dating is safe. From the usual they differ in that it is always possible before the meeting to learn about a person as much as possible, what he is, what he is interested in and what the goals of dating pursues – or maybe your goals are so different that you should not meet him. On dating sites, you communicate through an internal messaging system and often do not provide your contact details. So, if you do not want to meet, a person will not find you in real life.

However, the Internet creates an illusion of security. On dating sites, no one requires documents to register. Which means that anyone can hide on them. There are a lot of mentally unhealthy people on the Internet who need to be feared. There’s also money scammers. You can’t relax here, otherwise you can fall prey to a maniac or a scammer.

To keep yourself safe, you need to follow a few simple tips. First of all, while there is no confidence in a person, do not give him your real name, as well as your address, e-mail addresses, personal phone number. Pay special attention to the conversation of your conversation partner, whether the facts in the story of the person with whom you are communicating do not change. This will help calculate the deception.

If you are determined to date, exchange phones, talk to the person you are talking to, it will allow you to hear their voice and how and what they say. And make sure you ask for a picture. Meet only in a crowded, safe place, come and go from your first date on your own.