“What to write about?”: Finding ideas for a book

“What to write about?”: Finding ideas for a book

admin August 21, 2019

First, let’s clarify what an idea is. An idea is the core of history, it is the main idea that you put into a work. This, for example, is a sacramental “love will save the world” or “good will defeat evil”, “what if I suddenly wake up in another world” or “if I were a magician?”

An idea is a necessary part of history. Moreover, it is a spark, a push that arouses interest in the writer in the work. It is with the advent of an idea, as a rule, that a desire also appears – to record a story.

Ideas are large-scale and global – for one (or several books) and small – this is the idea of ​​an interesting character or situation.

How do ideas come about?

1. “Prefabricated hodgepodge” – ideas from the accumulated information.
Throughout life, we absorb a huge amount of information. What we remember, but something, as it seems to us, we forget. However, the “forgotten” does not disappear anywhere, any information is either completely / partially stored in the memory, or considered, and the conclusions from the learned, experienced experience are also stored in the memory. And at a subconscious level, work on information is ongoing.
The emergence of ideas from the “hodgepodge” is very difficult to track. She may dream, may “suddenly” emerge from her childhood memories due to some vivid impression, or she may just appear at the moment of considering a situation that has nothing to do with the idea. But in any case, it is the result of a mental, life experience. And arises, as it sometimes seems to us, from nowhere. And this is the most interesting kind of ideas, the most original and deep, personal and “author”.

2. An association is a conscious development of an idea along a chain, from a hooked image to, in fact, an idea of ​​history.
For example, you are watching an interesting adventure film. And the plot is so catchy that an unconscious process is activated: what if I were a seeker? – what would I look for? – and who would bother me and why? – and what are the dangers? – But will there be love, such as in the film? – and what adventures will begin! Everything, consider, the plot, built on a random associative chain, is ready.
“What to write about?”: Searching for ideas for a book. Moreover, the role of a push, a trigger for an associative series can play anything: a beautiful image, a favorite genre, and an occasional interesting phrase.

3. The situation is an idea based on the desire to convey (develop) a specific interesting situation.
Or to express thoughts that have arisen again under the influence of the situation.
Often such ideas are based on personal experience – either real and life (autobiographical novels), or observational (purposeful collection of information on a specific topic). Writing fan fiction when another person’s idea is being processed is also situational.