When is CBD Vape used?

When is CBD Vape used?

admin August 9, 2019

Cannabidiol is one of many cannabis alkaloids. About 40% of marijuana extract contains cannabidiol. There are studies confirming the properties of cannabidiol as an anti-inflammatory substance, its action in anesthesia, nausea – especially in patients on chemotherapy. Cannabidiol can be a good solution for patients for whom nothing else works. CBD Vape is a great way to start taking CBD, which can be prescribed in the following cases.

Antidepressant effect

You have already seen publications or statements that cannabis products can be used to treat depression. This is partly true, but only certain forms. Judging by what we found out in the course of the research, cannabifromen (CBC) and especially cannabidiol (CBD) have a very serious anti-depression effect. We would not say that we have evidence of cannabinoid efficacy in treating depression, but this area should be explored further. The data is still promising.

Cannabis for schizophrenia

There is some evidence of the effectiveness of cannabis in the treatment of schizophrenia yet. There are interesting studies illustrating the involvement of the endocannabinoid system (the natural receptor system in the brain) in the formation of schizophrenia. Anandamide is one of the typical endocannabinoid substances that our brain produces. In patients with an acute debut in schizophrenia, the concentration of anandamide in certain areas of the brain is significantly higher than in healthy ones. Why this happens – we still do not know.

There is evidence showing that cannabidiol reduces the symptoms of schizophrenia. This was confirmed in several studies. Cannabidiol was compared with antipsychotics; cannabidiol was better in terms of side effects, for example, did not cause weight gain. Does this mean that cannabis products can be used to treat schizophrenia? It may very well be. While there is no evidence. If someone tells you now – let’s smoke marijuana, because it treats schizophrenia – to put it mildly, this is not true.

Cannabis effect on appetite

Cannabinoids have proven to be effective in a large group of patients with impaired appetite. Especially in the case of anorexic disorders and catastrophic weight loss in AIDS patients. Vaping CBD can be really good choice for them.


This is one of the relatively new fields of cannabidiol use, especially in people with severe epilepsy (20-30 seizures per day). Such people are very difficult to treat, this form is resistant, difficult to treat. Data from several studies show that cannabidiol in this respect so far looks like the most effective treatment. It does not give 100% efficiency, but so far nothing is better.

Social phobia

Another interesting area of ​​application is the use in patients with social phobia. There is a special simulator: the patient is put in front of the screen and they imitate a public appearance – the fact that such people cause tremendous fear. According to research, cannabidiol is quite effective for the treatment of social phobia. It is very difficult to be treated, many doctors know how disabling such a condition can be. For example a patient – a brilliant violinist who did not take place due to a social phobia. It was a disaster for him to go on stage and play, but at home – everything was good. With CBD vaping he will be able to deal with it.

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

There are several studies that show that in PTSD patients, the use of cannabis products leads to a decrease in the intensity of flashbacks (involuntary revival of the traumatic experience through unusually vivid memories, during which it seems that the terrible reality from the past invades the real life.

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